Autumn on San Juan Island, WA

1If you’re looking for a laid back, outdoor fall vacation, look no further than San Juan Island, WA.

It is the main island in Washington’s group of 172 islands, the San Juan Islands, and is often the island people are referring to while referencing the San Juan Islands.

San Juan Island has vibrant, fall colors among the firs and madronas that signal the changing, “quiet” fall season. Nature offers us spectacular views and breathtaking water, forest and fields scenery. We are currently experiencing inviting, moderately warm days and crisp nights. Forests, lake shores and mountains all lay waiting for you to admire and explore, and occasional rainstorms are less frequent than on the Northwest mainland.

Arrival by either ferry or air provides a spectacular experience in their own right!

Hiking on San Juan Island – To really take advantage of the fantastic fall weather and to see all the island has to offer, consider taking an island hike, or two or three. There are hiking trails located in the two National Historic Parks, up and down hills, small mountains and along the shores of the island as well as through county and state parks.

Kayaking, Bicycling & More – The San Juan Island have activities galore.You can go boating, sailing, kayaking, fishing on the lake or “gunk-holing” among the many ocean islands, or even zip line through the forest. With rental or personal bikes you can explore and connect with nature in an entirely new way.

Whether you’re looking for family activities such as visiting our art galleries and local crafts stores, whale or historical museums, or just to relax at a spa or fitness center, you really can do it all here. If you’re taking a trip to the San Juan Islands, consider renting a vacation home so you can relax, bathe and eat in private when you desire. For a “best choice” vacation rental experience in San Juan, check out San Juan Islands Vacation Homes today!

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