San Juan Islands


True gems of Washington state

There are many ways to enjoy the wonders of the San Juan Islands. Whether by physical activity or historical sightseeing, the famed Washington archipelago never fails to impress. Beauty, nature, and serenity are all fitting descriptors of the Islands, making it one of the more popular scenic regions in the state.

After all, there aren’t many other parts of Washington where you can kayak, whale watch, cycle, hike, fish, shop, relax, and boat within 620 square miles. Families, friends, or solo travelers can all find something to enjoy while visiting. No trip to Northwestern Washington is complete without a visit to at least one of them.

Taking it all in

Affording yourself time to enjoy all that the San Juan Islands has to offer is vital. Although a weekend stay is perfectly fine, it doesn’t allow for nearly as much as a week or multi-week stay.

Accommodations are just as important too. There are many options for lodging throughout the Islands. Finding some that cater to both active guests and laidback guests is perfect, like the San Juan Islands Vacation Homes. These privately owned vacation rentals are large and spectacular, presenting the magnificent simplicity of the area that not many people get to witness.

Visit the website or call (800)-426-2338 or (360)-378-6284 for information, availability, and reservations, today!

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